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History of the Wunderbirds Thunderbird Club


The founder of the Club was Charlie Goddard. In late 1981, Charlie contacted members of the Vintage Thunderbird Club of America through the roster provided by the VTCA. It was agreed the interested members would meet with the goal of forming a chapter of the VTCA in the San Diego area.


The first meeting was held at the University Town Center mall which was still under construction. At that meeting it was agreed by the attendees to meet the following month at a local restaurant to vote for Club officers. At that meeting all officer positions were filled.


By November of 1982, the Club consisted of 81 family memberships and 137 individuals. The Club has hosted a variety of events including five Regional Conventions, one International Convention and co-hosted another International Convention with the Los Angeles Chapter. The Club hosted its first Regional Convention before the Club was a year old.


To become a member of the Wunderbirds does not require the ownership of a Thunderbird. All that is needed is a desire to own one in the future or an appreciation of the Thunderbird automobile. The Club continues to host a variety of functions including social meetings, car show events and road rallies. Becoming a member of the Wunderbirds will put you in contact with members that share your appreciation of the Thunderbird cars and help with technical problems and parts acquisition.


Wunderbird Club Officers
President: Ken Harkema
Treasurer: (vacant)
619-462-6478 or kensklassics@cox.net
###-###-####or nomail@cox.net
Vice-President: Tom Morgan
Newsletter Editor: Tom Morgan
760-788-1287 or tomorgan@cox.net
760-788-1287 or tomorgan@cox.net
Secretary: Mary Harkema
619-462-6478 or rietha41546@yahoo.com
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